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what are you looking at?! by jackfreak1994

The line work is really what stands out more than anything else; it is expressive and suiting of the character's personality, the setti...

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what are you looking at?! by jackfreak1994
The line work is really what stands out more than anything else; it is expressive and suiting of the character's personality, the setting she is from, and the nature of her creator's works as well. Very professionally handled with a consistent hand throughout- it shows great practice and confidence in your mark. I also like the looseness of the mark itself; not as harsh or strict as Jhonen's hand, this shows a more human expression, which is exactly what the picture is about.

The coloring and shading, however, leaves a bit to be desired in a technical sense. The highlights are awkward in this work, because they almost feel as though they were done by another author; not technically bad on their own, just unsuiting to the linework. The coloring is also flat and bland in spite of the attempt at texture. Sometimes less is more, like what you did with the subtleties in her skin, which work well, but too much can be unproductive, as with her hair, and the sleeves just feel unfinished in this regard. I am not a technically skilled digital artist, but from traditional painting, I learned that building texture and lighting together in layers with color tends to work better than putting down a base color and then painting highlights on top. Also, in regards to style, Jhonen's works very rarely focus on highlights as much as they do on shadows; focusing on light to bring surfaces forward is kind of opposite from Jhonen's manner of exaggerating shadows to push surfaces away from the audience. (Not saying you should emulate him, just noting the difference in approach) It also conflicts with your ground, which is very light, causing the picture to flatten out somewhat. I do appreciate the treatment of the ground though; too many digital artists make the common mistake of no ground treatment, as though they were doodling in the back of a math textbook.

I'm impressed by the design of the character. Taking such an extremely stylized design and converting it into a more natural form is difficult, and this nails it quite well. Immediately recognizable, even if it had no color, and even if you cropped out the accessories. It shows a genuine understanding of the stylization that went into the original design; something many people struggle with when even replicating Jhonen's work, let alone creating derivative products.

That said, it is a derivative work, so it loses some points on originality, but it does a lot with the original idea in a very limited space.

This looks like it's straight out of a comic panel. I like it very much.
Lineart for the final version of my dream boat
All I'm Saying... by Kydo
All I'm Saying...
The original speech bubble, cropped from this image stated:

"Look, all I'm saying, is that if the purpose of the physician- or the medical profession at large- is the ending of suffering, then a Hippocratic oath of ethics is essential of course... But no such defining purpose can be discerned of the sciences, which are too varied to have any common goals beyond a general interest in gaining greater knowledge and putting it to practical application! Attempting to bind all sciences to a single common purpose or value system is foolish, because not all sciences exist for the same reasons or purpose! In fact, many sciences are fundamentally unethical! Such an oath would severely restrict science and all of industry! Yet more sinister, because medicine is technically a field of science, such an oath would likely free them of certain ethical and moral obligations! It is simply impractical."


Jeffrey Alexander Malcolmson
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Age is important to me, in regards to the level of work I put out, because I am finite. I will eventually die. I am working on a time limit and I need to get as much done while my body can still do work, before I start to lose my body and mind to the corrosion of age. Before my hands are crippled by arthritis, preventing me from doing delicate art work. Before my mind is destroyed by alzheimer's or whatever I wind up getting. I need to take advantage of the excessive emotions a young mind produces, to work with overwhelming passion.

Art may be my trade, but it is not my goal. If art was my goal, I'd be done by now.

I have things to do.

Current Residence: The 4plex next to the arena in Sylvan Lake Alberta
Favourite genre of music: I like what I like. No single genre can satisfy my taste.
Favourite photographer: Nobody in specific at the moment.
Operating System: Windows 7 is satan's ballsack.
MP3 player of choice: 4 gig Hip Street mp3 player bought at a Wal*Mart checkout lane!
Shell of choice: I like crab shells. I mean, they have armor on thier eyes, even!
Wallpaper of choice: A photo of a horrible car accident involving a man and his new and now dead and bloody wife.
Skin of choice: Mine, but sometimes I wear other peoples'.
Favourite cartoon character: WAY too many to list here.
Personal Quote: "I would rather go to hell as myself, than go to heaven as a pawn for a book."

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