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Do you know what the best text editor ever made was?

Note Pad on the iPhone. Every single other text editor is garbage by comparison.

1. Constant save state. Every time you type a key, it's saved. Power loss? No worries, you're safe. Light from your screen woke your gf up? Tap the lock screen button, you won't lose a thing. Boss at work about to catch you working on a novel? Stuff it in your pocket, no worries. Write anywhere, any time, with full security, confidence, and impunity. 

2. Write for eternity. Unlike other text editors which divide your content arbitrarily into pages without reference to actual print page size, apple's note pad program let's you write on and on, somewhat like Microsoft's note pad program.

3. Stability and efficiency. I have never seen apple's note pad crash. I have crashed every single other note writing program, including microsoft's note pad and Evernote. I can write on and on and never experience lag, not even from the constant save state, and there is never any load time to open a note.

The worst text editor ever made is S Note for Samsung. It sucks so hard.

1. It divides your content into arbitrary non-print pages.

2. It takes forever to open a note.

3. It takes forever to flip through pages, which is not handled by scrolling.

4. When you reach the end of a page, you cannot keep typing into the next page, you have to manually create one.

5. Notes are limited to 52 pages. If you need to write more, you need to make a new note. If you copy a huge note over from somewhere else, say an iPhone,  the extra pages ARE FUCKING DELETED FOREVER.

6. Crashes constantly.

7. Cannot sort notes for SHIT.

8. Typing lags even when you just made a new document.

9. If your battery dies, or you close your phone in the middle of editing a note, you lose everything. You must manually save.

10. When you save, IT CLOSES THE NOTE AND THE PROGRAM, forcing you to re-open the app and the note to continue typing.

When will people understand that all I need is for shit to FUCKING WORK. It should not be pretty or fancy. It needs to FUNCTION. Page turning is pretty, but USELESS. This is why I liked older versions of Windows, despite their instability; the interface was clear, direct, simple, efficient, and logical. Deserting that in favor of hiding files in a separate category, restrictive access, and increasing hardware demand on useless shit like translucent window frames is ducking retarded. And apple is even worse for that.
  • Listening to: ...Nothing.
  • Reading: The Future
  • Watching: The past.
  • Playing: with your mind.
  • Eating: Inspiration.
  • Drinking: Knowledge.
In case anyone hasn't heard yet, (not that anyone who used to listen here actually does any more) I have a blog now! It focuses on RPG design. I plan to update between tuesday evening and thurssday morning. I'm working on a big post about RPG theory, but it looks like it'l be another two weeks 'till it's ready. (Overambitious) Till then, i'm posting buffers. The first one is taken from here, so you've probably read it already. Anyways, I don't plan to post here anymore, aside from rambling nonsense I'd rather not be too widely available. 

  • Listening to: ...Nothing.
  • Reading: The Future
  • Watching: The past.
  • Playing: with your mind.
  • Eating: Inspiration.
  • Drinking: Knowledge.


Jeffrey Alexander Malcolmson
Age is important to me, in regards to the level of work I put out, because I am finite. I will eventually die. I am working on a time limit and I need to get as much done while my body can still do work, before I start to lose my body and mind to the corrosion of age. Before my hands are crippled by arthritis, preventing me from doing delicate art work. Before my mind is destroyed by alzheimer's or whatever I wind up getting. I need to take advantage of the excessive emotions a young mind produces, to work with overwhelming passion.

Art may be my trade, but it is not my goal. If art was my goal, I'd be done by now.

I have things to do.

Current Residence: The 4plex next to the arena in Sylvan Lake Alberta
Favourite genre of music: I like what I like. No single genre can satisfy my taste.
Favourite photographer: Nobody in specific at the moment.
Operating System: Windows 7 is satan's ballsack.
MP3 player of choice: 4 gig Hip Street mp3 player bought at a Wal*Mart checkout lane!
Shell of choice: I like crab shells. I mean, they have armor on thier eyes, even!
Wallpaper of choice: A photo of a horrible car accident involving a man and his new and now dead and bloody wife.
Skin of choice: Mine, but sometimes I wear other peoples'.
Favourite cartoon character: WAY too many to list here.
Personal Quote: "I would rather go to hell as myself, than go to heaven as a pawn for a book."

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